Community Infrastructure

Harris Ranch created the first ever CID (Community Infrastructure District) in the State of Idaho. The Harris Ranch CID (HRCID#1) was put into place to facilitate the cost of the development’s public infrastructure. There are two parts to HRCID #1: a general obligation bond and a special assessment bond.

The general obligation consists of .003 mil of the assessed value of the home and a .0001 tax for administration cost. The special assessment bond is calculated based on the square footage of the lot size. The per-square-foot tax cannot exceed $.38. Both taxes are itemized and listed on the homeowner’s Ada County tax bill.

For more information on the Community Infrastructure district within Harris Ranch, please view the links below.

To view the Idaho State CID Statue, click here.

To view the City of Boise’s webpage outlining the CID within Harris Ranch, click here.

For a map outlining the CID district within Harris Ranch, click here