Dallas Harris knew he’d landed in a special place—so special he was destined to share it. In Harris Ranch he envisioned a village tucked against the Boise Foothills, nourished by the Boise River and sustained by the spirited outlook of its people.

Today, our community perpetuates the pride Dallas had in this land by ensuring that our wildlife thrives. With a forward-looking wildlife mitigation system Harris Ranch preserves habitat and carries on a respectful link to the land.


Harris Ranch community rests in a pristine corridor between the Boise River and foothills. Living side by side with deer, raptors, and other abundant wildlife, a visionary urban village evolves. Preserving that harmony requires a bold plan.

With a focus on education, the Wildlife Assessment and Mitigation Plan includes a robust Conservation Fund aimed at restoring, conserving and enhancing the natural environment of our community. Invasive weed abatement, fuel breaks, and tree planting are just a few aspects of the comprehensive plan to assure the integrity of your environment into the future.


Proximity to the Boise Foothills is more than just a perk of living at Harris Ranch. There is a reverence for the area and its meaning as a natural resource. It’s a vast sanctuary of native flora and fauna. An arterial for migratory birds and is a winter retreat for many animals.

We share our space with wildlife around us and our commitment to the land is key to its ongoing vitality.


As one of the amenities here at Harris Ranch, the Boise River is moments from your doorstep. It is also home to dozens of species of wildlife. The willow and cottonwood groves of the riparian areas host a rich ecosystem of mammals, birds, and amphibians. The way of life here depends on the wellbeing of the natural world outside your window. As a Harris Ranch resident, you play a part in helping to protecting that environment.

Conservation Classes

As part of our commitment to preserving wildlife in the Harris Ranch surroundings, various wildlife conservation classes are regularly offered. Click the link below to find out more.

Conservation Class Information