Design Principles

Taking cues from our panoramic setting, the design logic of Harris Ranch derives from topography and historical patterns. In line with a visionary set of principles, walking in Harris Ranch is as easy as driving. Within a layout that favors people over cars; green spaces buffer neighborhoods and connect them. Streets and common areas inspire activity and interaction allowing residents to come together to build community.


Harris Ranch offers unbeatable appeals:

Virtually everything you need is within a stone’s throw!

Smart Growth

Dallas Harris knew it from the start: The community’s role in guiding our own growth is the best bet for innovation, vibrancy, and healthy land. Rooted in the Harris Homestead, we’ve laid a foundation for town-centered future development.

What can we look forward to? An integrated community with a vibrant mix of housing and business where convenience and comfort are givens. It’s not just the pedestrian-friendly network of trails, boulevards and gathering areas that connect you with your neighbors—it’s also a shared sense of place.