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Council Springs Trail Closure

Although the Table Rock fire did not damage the Homestead Trail specifically, IDFG is concerned about off-trail use and how that may impact the now fragile habitat. These concerns include the trampling of plants that may have survived the fire, compacting the already damaged soils and spreading weeds where they weren’t before. The Department is also concerned with people creating new “social” trails across the burned landscape that can lead to habitat fragmentation. Although the Homestead Trail is part of the Ridge to Rivers system, IDFG owns the land in which the trail is located and has overseeing authority of the property. Therefore, IDFG has decided to close the trail to protect the habitat until further notice.

Both the north and south ends of the trails have signs making people aware of the closure. IDFG will be issuing citations for off-trail violations (people using trail or walking in the burned area).

We do not have a specific date as to when the trail will re-open. We are in the process of having closure signs created for the burned area. Once installed, the burned area will be closed to all public access for the long-term. As far as the Homestead Trail is concerned, once the closure signs are in place and the burned area secured, we will re-open the trail.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Krista Muller

Wildlife Habitat Biologist

Idaho Department of Fish & Game

Boise River Wildlife Management Area

13000 E Highway 21

Boise, ID 83716

(208) 334-2115